Hey there psychos! Today, we are going to meet Alexx from The Enthralled Bookworm and hear her opinion on tropes! Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful chance of getting to know you!

Let’s get started!


What or who introduced you to reading?
I have always liked reading! Language and Reading were actually my favorite subjects back in elementary. But the book that really got me into reading was “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” by J.K. Rowling back when I was about 13. It just showed me just how magical reading was, and how it’s not mere words written in pages. It was stories upon stories, it was faith, it was hope, it was love. It was everything we could ever imagine.

I liked it! I definitely liked it. Otherwise I wouldn’t end up with a shelf full of books haha!

Which genre do you typically read? Why?
I tend to lean more onto the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres of books. I really crave that adventure and fantasy in books. I yearn for magic and mystery. This past year though, I discovered the beauty of the YA Contemporary! Specifically, LGBT+ contemporary! I am an LGBT+ supporter all the way (considering I have friends and relatives who are in the community), and I realized that I would love to read books that represent these lovely people.

Can you name 3 of your favourite authors and tell us why you love them?
Only three?! BUT THAT’S SO HARD. Okay, okay. Let me try to narrow this down to my TOP TOP 3 okay?  J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, and Leigh Bardugo.

I love J.K. Rowling because she was the one who made me realize that reading is magical, that books are magical. I love Harry Potter, because it was more than just magic, it was friendship and faith and being loyal to friends and family, and being true to yourself.

I love Rick Riordan because his books are just AMAZING. I have always been fascinated with mythology when I was younger. And then I discovered the world of Percy Jackson and I’ve been hooked ever since The Lightning Thief. Every book is creative, fun, and brimming with lessons and ideas. Uncle Rick is the best.

I love Leigh Bardugo because her writing style is inviting, dark, raw, and just so, so, enthralling in every way possible. I loved the Grisha trilogy, I loved the Six of Crows Duology. I can’t wait to read her other works.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?
This is a really hard question. But I think the best answer to that is I’d be a demigod. I don’t have a specific demigod in mind, just that I’d like to be a demigod. I was really fascinated with mythology growing up, and getting to read Rick Riordan’s books, it was almost like a dream or some sort or inner fantasy of mine haha!

What would you like to tell to your 10-year-old self?
Oh God. Uhm. I’d tell her that she should pick up the book entitled Harry Potter and go read it so she could enjoy such a magical world and discover the joy of reading three years earlier haha! I’d tell her that she’ll go through a couple of rough years, and experience a couple of bad things, but she can do it, and she’s going to make it. I think I’d also like to tell her that it will all be okay, and that she should just learn to love and accept the way she is.


How long have you been blogging and who inspired you to blog?
I have only been blogging since April 2018, so I am still definitely new at it haha!. I can’t say that there was a certain someone who inspired me to blog. Rather it was a “what”, and it was making book reviews, sharing my thoughts, and encouraging people to read. That was mainly what inspired me to start a blog.

What do you think is the hardest part about blogging?
The hardest part about blogging for me is making time. Right after I graduated college, I started working. So, I only have time to read in the weekends, and sometimes I’m swamped with chores. So, my reading has definitely been reduced, and therefore affecting my blogging habits. *cries*

Who are some book blogging friends you’d like to meet in person?
Oohhh. I’d love to meet Wander with Jon! Been talking to him about books and other stuff and meetin him would be awesome! HAHAHA. I’d also love to have the chance to meet The Wanderlust Reader and wandersbetweenpages. I’ve also talked with The Candid Cover for a few times and she’s really nice!

Where do you find inspiration for your contents?
Mainly from the books that I read. I always do book reviews right after I read a book, whether it be a new release or a book that came out a few years back. I just think that there are others out there who needs and wants to read book reviews about particular books and I hope my blog can help them with that.

I also find inspiration with the bookish stuff that I receive, so there are unboxing posts as well. I just want people to see and notice this local shop’s amazing works.

What would you like to say to aspiring book bloggers?
Don’t be intimidated by other bloggers. Just do you, just blog your own way. Write about the things you want because you want them, not because other people are writing about it, too. Yeah, that’s it, just do it your own way.


What is your favourite and most hated trope?
Oh, gosh. My favorite trope would probably be the main character who is in love or falls in love with his/her best friend. I know it is cliché, but I just really love the idea of being in love with the person you know best, with the person that you’ve had a lot of memories with, with the person who knows you better than anyone else. I love that idea. (And maybe because I’ve experienced being in love with one of my best friends, too, but hey, who’s asking?)

My most hated trope is definitely the one where the good girl meets a bad boy and he falls in love with her and she “makes him good”. Eck. I swear, I swear! That trope just makes me shake my head every time. It makes me cringe! Hahaha! *sighs* It’s a cliché that I will never like. *sips tea*

Do you think a book can survive without a trope?
Hmm. I don’t think so. I mean, I think we will always find tropes in books. No matter how little or big they are, no matter how significant it is to the plot or not.

How do you play or challenge a trope?
I want to see a different ending, or I want it to make me wonder about the ending, or make me second-guess myself about my own predictions. I want to see a trope that deviates from the readers’ intuition and the usual flow. That would really be nice.

What do you think of tokenism?
So, tokenism, (oh by the way, I am familiar with this idea, I just didn’t know that this was the proper name for it, oh gosh), makes me cringe. I feel like it’s just a sly way of trying to “prove” that a book, or a workplace, or a television show, or a movie, is “diverse” when it’s really not. Being diverse is more than just having underrepresented characters for show. You need to involve them as well, you need to work with them, and relate to them.

The scary part is that is, this is not just happening in the fictional realm, I believe this is also happening in reality, in the real world. And I am hoping, truly hoping, for some sort of change.

Can you name a book that you loved and hated because of its trope?

I wouldn’t really say that I hated it, I just didn’t find it…stimulating enough, I guess that is the right word, oh dear *gulps*. But uhh, A Court of Thorns and Roses was a bit underwhelming for me. I was getting some sort of Twilight vibe from it. And I found the story good… but I wasn’t all too impressed by it, it didn’t, my mind. (I hope this is making sense omg HAHAHA)

A book that I loved because of its trope.. Hmm, I would say Shadow and Bone. Mal and Alina’s friendship and their love for each other, I truly loved it, and I loved that I got to witness everything they’d gone through in the whole trilogy. Same goes to Snow Like Ashes’ sort-of forbidden love because Mather was the future king and Meira’s supposed to be just a soldier. I loved how this trope somehow made way to plot twists that I didn’t see coming hahah!


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